Saturday, October 31, 2009

Work (Play?)

Sometimes my job frustrates me. This is only because it's way more fun than school, so I'm always tempted to go to work instead of the library. I work in the Career Services office in the Wilk as a Fair Coordinator. Here's the Career Fair from September, please note how coordinated it is.

This was my first event so I was a little detail missed and no BYU students get jobs this semester. Pressure. Ok so I actually couldn't mess things up that much if I tried (not enough power), but I loved planning it.

Halloween in the office! We turned Career Services into a Spook Alley for the day. Cody (the vampire on the left) is another Coordinator of Fairs, so our job was to stand in the hall all day and tell people to go inside. It required a lot of dancing to Thriller and persuasive bribing (there were doughnuts inside the office, always take advantage of hunger when you plan things for college students).
Cody found that the best way to get people to take a flyer was to hide and scare them. But then he got too good at it and had to stop. We planned an Opportunity Fair for on-campus organizations last week. BYUSA ordered 1500 servings of milk and 700 cookies (this math only works for weird people that drink ridiculous amounts of I was happy), which was a little bit of a problem. Cody and I took it upon ourselves to help the situation by having a milk drinking contest throughout the fair. After his 23 glasses and my 19 I realized it's not very effective to spend just as much time in the bathroom as in the fair. Lesson learned.
I wasn't the only fairy in the office, dang it! But that's ok. I don't take anything about Halloween too personally. The only reason I tolerate it is for Reese's pumpkins and because I know once it's over Christmas time starts.
So that's the job! Someday I'll post some of the daily office pranks or conversations that keep me laughing.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What a Stud

So sometimes I complain about dating. A lot of times I complain about dating. Roommates and families are so nice :)

And sometimes I complain about my dad's random emails. Both quantity and quality (a little too much of a little too random), but I love him. And he knows that love is unconditional, so he keeps the emails coming. Once in a while one of them makes it all worth it though....

Meet Dimitri. In just two voicemails he made me realize that I need to cut the complaining about dating AND my dad's love of forwarding, because...well...

Just listen.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Things

The weather the past two days, completely perfect.

Also perfect: My Life is Average

Read until you smile.