Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here's to you, Jerry

The Jazz just lost.

Lost to the Suns (better them than any other team ... except maybe the Celtics), and lost their longtime legacy.

The news of Jerry Sloan's resignation didn't really sink in for me until I watched the game tonight. I drove Jenny and her kids down to Cedar this weekend, and I'm glad I got to watch the game here. This is where I remember loving Jazz games with my mom, popping popcorn and watching Stockton and Malone read each other's minds. And Hornacek wear short shorts. We always popped popcorn. Could be the source of my addiction?

And Jerry Sloan was always there on the sideline. He started coaching the Jazz when I started, well, life. No denying 1988 was a good year. It felt so weird to watch the game tonight without him on the screen.

Nobody took his resignation harder than Ali, I love how much she loves him. She needs to come back home and draw the Jazz logo on our street in chalk again, like she did with her friends back when her team was in the playoffs with the Bulls.

I think people would still drive around it like they did then.

Here's my favorite article about Jerry from the Washington Post. So, all in all, emotional week ... but, go Jazz. :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Enemies turned addictions:

Running. Sometimes I still dread the getting-started part, but definitely addicted to the feeling you get once you're in your groove. Plus I love any chance I get to listen to Kindal's hand-picked running mix, while I run around in the SUU Track shirt she gave me. Basically, she's my sponsor. Thanks girl.

Garlic. Random, I know. But I used to avoid anything and everything that came into even minor contact with the stuff. Ever since my cooking class last semester, I have entered a mindset that everything I cook should have garlic added to it. Like I'm depriving (insert almost any creation from here) of its full potential if I don't give it garlic.

Waking up before my alarm. This used to just seriously make me mad. I always felt like I had started the day as a victim of instant deprivation. But a week ago we heard a wonderful devotional from Elder Kikuchi that made me realize waking up too early is wonderful. He challenged us to wake up just 7 minutes earlier and read the Book of Mormon every day. Now when that happens, I just get excited :)

Road Trips. Oh wait ... I've always been addicted to those. Good thing I have two planned in February! Cedar with Jenny and her cute kids, then Seattle the next week! Thank you, Presidents, for giving us a Day. And thank you, Allison, for being in Seattle and letting me come visit you! SOON! Is it weird that I'm excited for 12 hours of driving?