Thursday, September 24, 2009

Joy, Wrapped in Orange

I have a serious and meaningful relationship with Reese's. April to October is a hard part of the year, and I think we all know why. There are no holidays during this time that are worthy of a Reese's shape. If I was the Fourth of July, I'd be complaining. But now, thanks to the early timing of capitalism on Halloween, pumpkins are appearing on the shelves...
This is just the beginning. Once Halloween hits, that means it's pretty much Christmas time, yeah? So then the trees! These little things are the reason I love looking in my stocking every year. They're also why I try all kinds of trading techniques to get any that might be in the stockings of family members who don't appreciate them.
And then...the 2nd place winner of the holiday shape contest (did you know it was a contest?). Valentine's Day gets a lot crap, all that "marketing love" business. I've never known if I'm one to complain about that because I get blinded by the Reese's hearts. If this fake holiday means I get to stock up on these, then go ahead and cheapen love :)

And finally, the Reese's Egg. It's been close to my heart for a few years now. Out of all the Reese's, they hit the proportions just right with these little guys. I usually put together a pretty nice supply to get through the April-October drought...but don't ask how long that stash actually lasts.

Why am I posting about this? Maybe it's because I still turn to blogging over homework. Maybe I don't feel like holiday Reese's are getting the appreciation they deserve. Maybe it's because I ate a certain number of Reese's cups tonight that will not be revealed, so they're fresh on my mind.

Whatever the reason, go get a pumpkin. It'll make your day better.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Distractedness, in Letters.

Dear Mom,

I thoroughly enjoyed walking you through the copy and paste process on my walk home from class yesterday. I even more thoroughly enjoyed your exclamation of surprise when you found success.

The Youngest


Dear Boston,

I miss your elderly Jewish people. And your 5-year-old Andrews. Your roads, parking, and angry drivers are not missed at all.

Please know that you are only borrowing my sister.

A Past and Future Visitor

Dear Job,
You're more fun than school. Please stop distracting me.
The New Girl
Dear Ali,
Thank you for keeping me updated on the elderly Jewish people of Boston. The Lillian stories make me laugh every time I think about them. Literally. In class, during church, walking home...instant laughter.
I told Boston that you're not permanent. Just sayin.
The Little Sister.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Other Side of the Pond

Man I missed these girls! And man they make me miss London. But we had fun catching up on Saturday. And eating a lot :)

Aw, I love them. I loved getting lost with them. And living with way too many of them in one room. And learning all their love stories within one week of knowing them. And figuring out that 4 months goes by way too fast with them.
Special shout out to Steph, my little U of U friend that I sometimes accidentally look for on campus. Sad. Ready for other news that made me completely love Saturday night?....

I found out my favorite English movie is coming to America! I had almost lost hope. Young Victoria is about my favorite queen (Victoria. The young one.), and I'm SO stoked it's coming to America. November 13th!! So for all of you out there who are kind of skeptical about all the Twilight business (you should be nodding, please be nodding...), you can be more excited for this. It comes out a week before New Moon and I will bet you a dollar that it's way better. Except I'm not supposed to make bets, so just agree to give me a dollar after you see this movie and that takes care of that.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To: Dad , From: Boston

I discovered the best motivator to make me update my blog more. Homework. So here I am! Make no comment about my prioritizing, just enjoy the post.

So here's the scene. My parents are up north for a Storytelling Festival (mom, you're so cute), and they so graciously decide to visit their BYU student on the way. And they brought a watermelon, which was very nice. And also very beside the point. So here they are entering my Provo apartment (fact: my mom used to live here. Weird...), and I'm meeting them with two early birthday presents for my dad. The big one is the upside down stacked up tupperware thing. Don't judge the wrapping, it had to be that way.

My dad distractedly lifted up the top container and looked a little anti-climactically confused. He was wondering why I was giving him one of my roommates for his birthday. But when he looked a little closer he realized....

It was his very own Bostonian daughter! Ali has had this trip planned for about a month now, and everyone in our family miraculously kept it a secret from my dad. I'm not gonna lie, I had my doubts. My mom is just endearingly honest, you know?

So this is her finally, FINALLY, complaining about having to keep that secret from my dad for so long. It was not easy. It was really hard. I told her every time she couldn't handle it anymore to just call me and tell me, and I would act like I didn't know and give her a satisfying surprised reaction. I'm very proud of her :)

The other present was a piano duet book I picked up in a little music store in London. My grandma Miner and my dad used to play these duets all the time. I love to get the very old and very battered book out and play them with my dad. I was so excited when I found some more duets by the same composer a few months ago.

The next morning I woke up early to meet my little visitor. Lydia spent some time with me while Logan and Jenny went to the Draper temple. She was a wonderful little alarm clock for all my roommates, bless her heart.

You have to take lots of pictures of babies because they can't complain about it yet.

They finally meet! Aunt Ali was pretty excited to see her little niece. Jenny is so good about posting lots of pictures, but her kids are just so much more fun in person :)

It has to be frustrating to be way cute even when you're crying. Who's gonna take you seriously? So that was the exciting weekend. It was so fun to have my family in Provo!
Happy late birthday, Dad! Sorry about the secrets :) K not really.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Old Habits

Sunday felt wonderfully familiar! Back to the old routine. First, church in the good old 7th ward. There are some refreshingly constant older people in that ward that are always fun to see. Then home to play with the fam!

My dad is quite the storyteller. It was always a fun bonus to have a radio announcer do my bedtime stories at night, and I think Jaren enjoys it just as much. I'm just wondering when my dad is going to start reading him The Hobbit...I think he waited until I was about 18 months or something. Ok not quite, but it was pretty darn early in life.

The new little niece! Lydia and I have a pretty good time. Maybe I shouldn't speak for her...but I guess someone has to. She seems like she'll do a pretty good job of giving her own opinion soon enough, though. I think she already gives Jaren a look when he acts weird. Sisterly love is so natural.
Family them. And there's the impressive sunflower apron, product of my 8th grade sewing class. Sometimes I wonder if my mom only wears it when I'm home...but hey, I'm not complaining. I'm just happy it's still staying together, I have a struggling relationship with sewing.
I love my brother. And that banana chair. This picture is here just to prove that he grew to love the purple tie I bought him in London. Knew he'd come around...

And then, the all too familiar Sunday evening drive -- 3 hours of bonding with I-15. It's when I guiltlessly drink Dr. Pepper and contemplate life. Then that slight right onto the University Ave exit, and back to BYU! Still haven't seen Cosmo, but I'm keeping my eye out. I'm determined to date him before my Provo experience is over.